Why a “Good Stopping Point” is a BAD time to stop working

part 1 finished

My mother taught me to sew; she taught me a lot of good things. But finishing major projects and maintaining creative momentum were not necessarily her strengths. Which is why I have had to unlearn one of her favorite lessons. . . about coming to a good stopping point.

A good […]

website development

. . . but I don’t LIKE neutral gray backgrounds!

I am working with a professional website designer to create AdrieneBuffington.com , which will be my professional artist website. I may drive her bonkers, because I want it to look like a work of MY art, without detracting from my actual art.

So at the […]

Open Window

My newest piece in the doors and windows series:

Open Window now on display at Art on Boston gallery 24″ x 18″ $160

This piece came together very quickly, in one sewing session – although I had a bunch of the greens and yellows already stripped and sewn.

As I was working on this, […]

Praying for an Open Door – so I made one!

OPEN DOOR 18″ x 24″pieced fabric on stretched canvas

The last in the blue series – for now.

I made the outside border of this for another piece (Entrance, below)– but it was too big. So I had a frame with nothing inside of it. Tried a couple of different things and then the […]