This was my first breakthrough piece of 2014:

(C)2014 24″ x 24″ $1500

This is like the path on which my mind travels. I go through phases of clear linear thinking, scrambled confusion, spiraling ideas and centering prayer. I am continually asking myself ‘what if…?’

I have been wanting to combine my art quilting and […]

website development

. . . but I don’t LIKE neutral gray backgrounds!

I am working with a professional website designer to create AdrieneBuffington.com , which will be my professional artist website. I may drive her bonkers, because I want it to look like a work of MY art, without detracting from my actual art.

So at the […]

new pieces

I finished 2 more 16″ x 20″ pieces.these will go up at Art on Boston next week – through January.

left isWatermelon Picklesright isKeep Knocking . . . and the door will be opened for you


working on graphics

I really really need to get a website together!! I have great technical help from Mark Minks, but I have needed to do some design work and put together some actual content.First I worked on what will be the banner – wanted it to look sort of like the cover of my book.