This was my first breakthrough piece of 2014:

24″ x 24″

This is like the path on which my mind travels. I go through phases of clear linear thinking, scrambled confusion, spiraling ideas and centering prayer. I am continually asking myself ‘what if…?’

I have been wanting to combine my art quilting and my painting, but it took me a long time before I was brave enough to experiment, willing to risk failure in the hopes of discovering a new way of working.

This design is partially inspired by the spiral paintings of Hundertwasser.

This was exhibited at Art Quilts XIX at the Chandler Center for the Arts from October through January.

process and materials

Free-motion machine quilting: pink cotton thread on white cotton fabric, cotton batting.
Paint: fluid and high flow acrylic paint, permanent marker.
Border is hand-dyed fabric. Mounted over stretched canvas.

by Adriene Buffington


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