working on graphics

I really really need to get a website together!!

I have great technical help from Mark Minks, but I have needed to do some design work and put together some actual content.
First I worked on what will be the banner – wanted it to look sort of like the cover of my book.

Here is what I have – so far:

crochet crazy

I learned to crochet a few months ago – and I’ve become hooked!

getting ready for vacation in France – j’ai besoin d’un beret violet, n’est-ce pas?

Here’s the first hat, which I made for Joe while we were on vacation in Carmel/Monterey. I found a cool yarn store, and a hip how-to book.

He was cold, I was creative, and he had a new cap the next day!

I love doing hats, because it only takes a day to make a completed project. I can do it anywhere: watching tv, in the car . . . and its easy to put down and pick up again. I am loving multi-colored yarn, especially the expensive japanese wools that change colors only a few times in each skein – Joe’s hat and several others are all one ball of yarn – with maybe another neutral added for contrast.

I’ve given these 3 away – and more!

Now I’m getting fancy with the stitches – this is multi-colored cotton yarn for a summer purse.

I sort of follow directions, but I am making things up as I go, which is really fun and easy with crochet!

I also love the rhythm and repetition – very relaxing but creatively stimulating.

someone liked my berry pickles!

Not sure why I want to make a new blog – I really would rather do something more creative than be on the computer.
But I have been making lots of new things – some art quilts, some hats, some other stuff – and I thought if I started to blog and show off what I have made, that might be fun.
or motivating.
or whatever.

Here’s a piece that was sold earlier this month:

Berry Pickles

more coming later.